PWAG Permanent Male Enlargement in Tampa, FL

PWAG Permanent Male Enlargement in Tampa, specifically focusing on Penile Width and Girth (PWAG) treatment, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the girth of the penis. This procedure is increasingly popular among men who seek to improve their self-confidence and sexual satisfaction through physical alterations to their genitalia. In Tampa, FL, Solomon Cosmetic Center offers this treatment, utilizing advanced techniques to ensure safety and effectiveness. Non-surgical PWAG enhancement involves the use of injectable fillers. Similar to treatments used in facial cosmetic procedures, these dermal fillers made up of hyaluronic acid are injected directly into the penile tissue. Our PWAG procedure is relatively quick and is performed under local anesthesia. Experience the ultimate solution for penile enhancement today with our exclusive PWAG treatment at Solomon Cosmetic Center. Our specialized procedure is designed to help you safely and effectively achieve the size and confidence you desire.

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What is

PWAG Male Penile
Injections in Tampa?

PWAG, which stands for Penis Width And Girth enlargement, is a cutting-edge non-surgical procedure similar to penis filler aimed at enhancing the width and girth of the penis. Our innovative approach utilizes dermal fillers to achieve natural-looking results without the need for invasive enlargement surgery.

PWAG Penile Enhancement Procedure

Led by Dr. George Solomon, our team employs cutting-edge techniques and meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal results tailored to your individual needs.


Topical and local anesthesia are applied before the procedure to ensure a pain-free experience. A topical cream numbs the surface, while an injected local anesthetic minimizes discomfort, allowing patients to remain comfortable throughout the enhancement.

Precise Injection Technique

The specialized blunt cannula technique is used for precise filler placement, reducing the risk of bruising and improving overall results. This method ensures a smooth distribution of the filler, enhancing both shape and symmetry.

Immediate Results

Patients observe an immediate increase in girth post-procedure, with temporary swelling that quickly subsides. The full enhancement is visible within a few days, offering quick aesthetic improvements without prolonged recovery.

Minimal Downtime

The downtime following dermal filler treatments is minimal. Patients can typically resume normal activities almost immediately, including sexual activity, within 48 hours. This convenience makes dermal fillers an attractive option for those seeking effective enhancement with minimal interruption to daily life.

Who are the

Ideal Candidates for the PWAG Male Enhancement Injections?

When considering male enlargement treatment, it is crucial to identify who stands to benefit most from these procedures. PWAG is a non-surgical procedure, meaning you can achieve almost instant results without surgical intervention. Here are the characteristics of ideal candidates for PWAG male injections:

Realistic Expectations

Ideal candidates should clearly understand what the procedure can realistically achieve. They should be well-informed about the potential results, the extent of changes in size, and the aesthetic outcomes. Understanding the limitations and the benefits helps prevent dissatisfaction with the results.
Candidates should be in good general health. This minimizes the risks associated with the procedure, such as complications from anesthesia or prolonged healing times. A good candidate does not have conditions that could result in higher health-related risks associated with the procedure.
Candidates for male penile enhancement procedures must be psychologically stable and seeking the procedure for well-considered reasons. They should not be influenced by external pressures or unrealistic expectations from media, women, or peer influence. Often, a psychological evaluation is beneficial prior to the procedure to ensure that the desire for enlargement is not stemming from psychological issues such as body dysmorphic disorder.
The candidate should be fully mature, meaning they have reached their full physical adult development. This typically means men who are over 21 years old, ensuring that their body has fully developed and no further natural changes in penis size are expected.
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Key Benefits of PWAG Treatment

Key benefits of

PWAG Treatment


We use dermal fillers to achieve natural-looking results


Achieve a fuller and more proportionate appearance, boosting self-assurance.


Enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction for you and your partner.


Dr. Solomon utilizes advanced techniques for safety and optimal results.


Minimal downtime and discomfort allow for a swift return to normal activities post-treatment.

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PWAG treatment results

Cost of

Male Enlargement (PWAG) Treatment

The PWAG enlargement procedure typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000 per session, depending on the type of filler used and the volume required to meet the desired outcomes.
Dermal fillers offer viable solutions for men looking to enhance penis girth. When considering these procedures, potential candidates should carefully evaluate their options by considering the associated costs, such as facility fees and pre and post-operative expenses. Consulting with our board-certified cosmetic surgeon specializing in male enhancement can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to individual needs and circumstances.
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Why Solomon Cosmetic Center
for Your PWAG Treatment?

Why Solomon Cosmetic Center for Your PWAG Treatment?
Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, FL, is a top choice for individuals considering Penis Width and Girth (PWAG) enhancement. Renowned for its expert approach and commitment to patient satisfaction, our board-certified cosmetic surgeon offers a refined technique in administering dermal fillers to increase penile girth. These procedures utilize top-grade, FDA-approved materials committed to ensuring both safety and effectiveness. At Solomon Cosmetic Center, the detailed and personalized care provided by our skilled team ensures that each patient’s aesthetic goals are precisely met. This customized approach makes the experience highly results-oriented, guaranteeing that the outcomes are effective and perfectly aligned with each patient’s individual expectations and desires.
Choosing Solomon Cosmetic Center for PWAG male enhancement injections with dermal fillers means placing your trust in a team that values patient comfort and outcome above all. From the initial consultation, where each patient’s concerns and goals are thoroughly addressed, to the careful execution of the procedure and thoughtful aftercare, every step is designed to provide optimal results and patient satisfaction. Solomon Cosmetic Center focuses on using dermal fillers for PWAG treatment, establishing its dedication to providing minimally invasive solutions that require minimal recovery time, allowing our PWAG patients to return to their daily routines with renewed confidence and minimal disruption.

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