Body Sculpting Procedure for Men

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Patient Testimonial – “Six Pack” Abs

A man who has never been able to reach his ideal body weight even with exercise and good nutrition finds a solution with Dr. George Solomon:

I always felt a little self-conscious about myself, even as a little kid because I was always a big person. But as I grew up I kind of grew into myself. I was working out like crazy, I was playing sports. But, didn’t get to where I needed to be, at where I felt like I looked good too.

One day I met a friend and I noticed he had cuts on his abs, and I’m like, “wow, he must work out a lot.” Well, he told me that, “no, actually I had a little work done over at a place.” I’m like, “Dr. Solomon? Maybe I should go try it.”

So, after my consultation, then we were able to set up an appointment and right away within the next month I was able to come and do the procedure. And, it’s been a week now since I’ve done it. And I’ll tell you what, right away it was, right away I saw the results, immediately.

I had the gynecomastia, I had the upper and lower Vaser Liposuction, on the lower abs too, and the flanks was done as well. So, it didn’t take as long as I thought. I thought I was going to be here like, all day, but it was a quick procedure, and very tolerable pain. Of course there’s going to be some discomfort, of course, and even at home, you know, you’re just trying to get up and just do your normal thing, because I was by myself you know, at home, actually, so I was able to take care of myself. But, there is some, but nothing that you really, really, really need to, you know, worry about.

I actually came from work, coming here to do this interview, even after a few days, and I’m going to work after this, so actually for me to be mobile and doing my normal activities is a huge thing cause I was nervous about it too. I can’t take days off.

After a couple of weeks, I could do good workouts. Not like, I don’t want to do anything too crazy. You gotta remember, everything was tight here, that if I start moving a lot of jiggling around, you want to keep that as tight as possible, so you don’t want to do that. But after a while, I want to say maybe another month, you know I could actually play more harder physical activity. You know, because I usually play soccer, I play racquetball, I play a whole bunch of sports that are kind of vigorous. But, I’m not gonna do it too soon. I want to make sure that this is right.

So, but the main thing about the pain and the swelling, that’s what I want to control, because if you do good, what they tell you, that you just make sure you wear your wrap, make sure you put everything that you need to, take your antibiotics and you know you have some pain medicine, but overall if you do everything they say in the beginning, the results will be better in the future. So, gotta suck it up in the beginning so you get better results later.

I already told three people. I think they have interviews coming up soon and some consultations, so actually that’s pretty good. Right away I showed my friends and they’ve known me all my life, so when they saw the before pictures, well they already knew what I looked like. But I showed them some after the surgery, and they’re like, “oh my goodness.” They were like, right away, like, “I gotta do it.”