Breast Augmentation Tampa for large, shapely, natural looking breasts.Breast augmentation Tampa Bay Area is one of the most frequently requested procedures at Solomon Cosmetic Center. Breast augmentation is intended to create larger and more shapely breasts. Breast enlargement not only can help enhance appearance and improve self-esteem, but it can also make clothes shopping more enjoyable. One of Dr. Solomon’s patients told him that she was finally able to go buy a decent bathing suit that actually fit!

There is no ideal breast size or “one size fits all” solution to breast enlargement because every woman’s body is different. Breast augmentation surgery starts at $3,499.00 and can vary depending on each woman’s body frame along with desired end results. The reasons for breast augmentation are as unique as each patient, and board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Solomon knows the decision is deeply personal. Due to his years of experience and widespread reputation for excellent breast augmentation results, Dr. Solomon routinely performs breast augmentation Tampa Bay area as well as Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and throughout Florida. Dr. Solomon will listen to your requests and work closely with you to help determine the size, shape, and type of implant, saline or silicone, that is right for you.

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

Saline and silicone are the two most common materials used for the implants in a breast augmentation surgery. Saline implants are filled with sterilized salt water. They have been approved by the FDA for breast implant surgery for many years and are considered safe.

Silicone implants are made out of silicone gel, which closely resembles human fat. Many women prefer silicone implants because they look and feel more natural. The silicone implants have been greatly improved over the past several years. One of the positive features is that they will not leak. They have been designed to self-heal avoiding any possible leakage. They also are FDA approved and completely safe.

Transcription of this video on the difference between silicone and saline breast implants:

What’s the difference between silicone and saline breast implants? Where is the implant placed and why is that important? Dr. Solomon answers these frequently asked questions and more: “There are two different types of implants. The saline implant, and that’s basically like a shell. This shell here is basically rolled like a cigar, placed under the muscle or above the muscle, and then there’s a tube that goes in here that you fill that implant through that tubing. And you can go whatever amount of saline that you need to place in the implant, 300, 400, 500, whatever the amount is. The different kind is what we call the silicone or the gel, and basically these are, they call them sometimes the gummy bear, and they don’t have any valves or anything, it goes as is into the pocket that we create. Now there are two different planes where you can put the implant, either under the muscle or above the muscle. For the most part, 95% of the time, these implants are placed under the muscle. When they are placed under the muscle they are protected, there’s less chance of capsule contraction; which is basically the capsule that surrounds the implant, sometimes that capsule squeezes the implant and causes hardness of that implant. In that case, sometimes we have to revise and make a capsulotomy or cut the capsule to release the implant.”

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The Breast Augmentation Tampa Bay Area Procedure

Dr. Solomon creates a customized surgical plan after discussing your cosmetic goals and conducting a physical examination during your consultation. That plan involves the incision location and where Dr. Solomon creates the implant pocket. Saline and silicone implants can be placed through incisions in the crease below the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit. The pocket can be located either behind the breast tissue (subglandular), or beneath the pectoral muscle (submuscular).

A breast augmentation is performed under local anesthesia, which means that you will not be asleep during the surgery. During your consultation. Cutting underneath the breast is most the most common site used where the skin naturally folds.

Dr. Solomon has a complete surgery center within Solomon Cosmetic Center centrally located in the Tampa Bay Area.  This is where your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery will be performed. After you have been given the anesthesia, he will make the incision and place the implant below the muscle. The surgery takes a little more than an hour. You will need to wear a compression garment for about 2 weeks after the surgery.

Aftercare and Recovery from Breast Augmentation

The specific details of your recuperation from the procedure will be influenced in large part by the size and position you choose for your breast implants. Dr. Solomon will direct you as to the best course of action for your individual case.You can expect to experience some bruising and swelling after surgery. If you do not have a physically demanding job, then you may be able to go back to work within a few days. Strenuous activities that might raise your blood pressure and heart rate should be avoided for at least two weeks or longer after the surgery. You should not attempt to lift anything heavy, and you should not raise your arms over your head for at least 2 weeks. Smoking is absolutely prohibited as it could cause an infection at the incision site.

Mastopexy: Breast Lift

Another procedure to help to enhance the result of breast augmentation is a Mastopexy, breast lift. This procedure can be performed in combination with breast augmentation and is performed to help improve small, saggy, and loose breast tissue. This often occurs in women after childbirth or in women who have lost a considerable amount of weight.

Dr. Solomon is an extensively trained breast augmentation Tampa Bay Area surgeon. He has performed hundreds of breast enhancement surgeries, helping patients achieve fuller, more proportionate breasts with the use of saline or silicone gel implants. Depending on your consultation with Dr. Solomon and previous history, one implant may be more beneficial.

If you are looking for more beautiful, shapely breasts and live in the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Solomon Cosmetic Center is ideally located in Palm Harbor, FL. Call 727-288-9988 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation about breast augmentation Tampa Bay area with Dr. George Solomon at Solomon Cosmetic Center..

Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.