Solomon Cosmetic Center: Will Supplements Get Rid of My Gynecomastia?

As a man, having large breasts is the last thing you want to worry about. But unfortunately, for some, this is a reality. Are you one of the many men with large boobs or gynecomastia as it’s officially known? You have probably heard that supplements are miracle workers for fixing this problem. But is that […]

Understanding Gynecomastia Surgery: Will I Have Loose Skin After Surgery?

Congratulations if you’ve recently decided to improve your chest area with gynecomastia surgery. However, one of the more common questions that will pop into your head is: Will I have loose skin after my surgery? This is an entirely normal concern for anyone considering this body-altering medical procedure. After all, no one wants to feel […]

Gain Freedom from Lipoma: Troubling Fatty Tumors

LIPOMA Have you been warily eyeing a spongy skin lump? Is it making some movements awkward or uncomfortable? Maybe the bump limits your clothing choices. If the mass is highly visible, you may feel self-conscious if other people notice it. That squishy lump could be a “lipoma.” If so, did you know that professional removal […]

How To Choose Between Fat Transfer And Dermal Fillers For A Bigger Penis

They say that ‘size doesn’t matter,’ but for a man with an ‘inadequate’ member, it does. However, in today’s world, you don’t have to go through life feeling like ‘less’ of a man, there are many options available to help increase the size of your penis. For example, you can look into: fat transfer vs fillers – […]

5 Botox Statistics You Need To Know In 2022

The botox statistics you need to know in 2022 include the popularity of botox, and how much is spent on botox treatments each year. This will certainly surprise you. In the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of soft tissue augmentation products, which includes dermal fillers. These have remarkably […]