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The Three Types of Tummy Tuck

The Three Types of Tummy Tuck

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Liposuction, Tummy Tuck 19 May 2016

Dr. Solomon reviews three options for Tummy Tuck procedures:

There’s different kinds of tummy tuck. You can do the traditional tummy tuck, which basically the traditional tummy tuck is making an incision below. Cut around the belly button to free the belly button. Then drape all the extra skin all the way down, and then cut the extra skin, and then make a new hole for the belly button and bring that belly button out. So the stock itself and the location of the belly button does not change. What changes is the location where the hole is made in the abdominal wall itself after we cut the extra skin. So that is the traditional tummy tuck.

Then we have another procedure that came, it was called Lipoabdominoplasty, and this Lipoabdominoplasty was invented by a physician or a surgeon in Brazil. His name is Dr. Avelar, and we call that the Avelar Tummy Tuck. And basically with the Avelar Tummy Tuck, we do liposuction because most of those patients would require a little bit of liposuction, there are accumulation of fat there. So with the Traditional Tummy Tuck there is no liposuction at all, so you end up with having the same thickness of skin with the fat in it, and sometimes it doesn’t look good, people don’t like that fact that they have a lot of thick fat in there. With the Lipoabdominoplasty, with the Avelar Technique, we do Liposuction, and we thin that skin to maybe 1 or 1.5 cm, to a nice healthy layer, and then we go ahead and do the same kind of thing where we cut the excess skin and bring the belly button out. And that is called Lipoabdominoplasty.

And then there is a, what’s called the Bikini Tummy Tuck, or the Mini Tummy Tuck. If the area above the belly button is nice and tight and there’s no excess skin there, and the abdomen does not need to be plicated or sutured up, because sometimes you have weakness in the abdominal wall. If they don’t have that, and all of the extra skin is only down below the belly button, then we can do what we call the Mini-Tuck or the Bikini-Tuck, where we make a small incision a little bit below even the hair line, and then we cut the extra skin and it would be at the level of the bikini so the scar is basically hidden. And if they need the liposuction in addition to that, we can also do it in the same setting.

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