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Renewed Confidence After Breast Augmentation

Renewed Confidence After Breast Augmentation

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Body Procedure, Breast Augmentation 30 Nov 2015

A patient of Dr. Solomon shares her story of renewing her self confidence through breast augmentation surgery:

“When I was growing up, I was teased a lot. I was never comfortable in my own skin with my small breasts, and so I have always hated it and I always wanted to get my breasts bigger.

The day of the surgery, my husband brought me in and I was a little nervous, but the staff here made me comfortable when it came time to go into the room. They put music on to make you relax, they shut the lights down, and they gave me a couple of pills to relax me. And, I was awake and it was, I mean I didn’t really feel anything. It’s just a really calming experience in there, and they make you feel really comfortable.

At first everybody was telling me I shouldn’t do it because they’ve heard so many horror stories but after they seen how everything was and how everything went and the end results, they were all glad for me and happy.

So far I’ve recommended it to my daughter, who is also tiny as I am. And she can’t wait to move down here so she can get it done. That’s all she’s been talking about, “I can’t wait.” So, I can’t wait for her, because she’s very self conscious also.

I think it’s a great place. Dr. Solomon is really, he really makes you feel good about everything. He explains everything. He goes over the procedure. He’s been really great. I’m really happy with him and everything he’s done.”

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