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Neck Lift


What is a Neck Lift?

If you want to address the sagging muscles and excess fat beneath the chin and jawline, cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Solomon at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, recommends a neck lift. This cosmetic surgery involves removal of excess skin and fat via hidden incisions behind the ears. Along with liposuction of the love handles, neck lifts are some of the most common procedures Dr. Solomon performs in men.

Am I a candidate for a Neck Lift?

If you have excess fat or skin around your neck in the form of jowls, a double chin, or a turkey wattle neck (appearance of cords or bands due to the weakening of neck muscles), then you are a candidate for a neck lift.

What to expect during a Neck Lift?

Based on the scope of your procedure, your neck lift will involve small incisions being made behind your ears and/or under your chin. Your skin and underlying tissue will be tightened while excess fat and skin will be removed. Your level of anesthesia will be based upon the extent of the procedures being done.

What is the recovery time for a Neck Lift?

As with any procedure, your recovery time for a neck lift may vary; although, most patients return to work within two weeks. Physical activity should be kept to a minimum during your recovery. You will experience numbness, burning, and tightness around your neck. Swelling and bruising may still be evident several days after the procedure. You should keep your head and neck still, instead turning the whole body to look at something. Patients should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen. Dr. Solomon and the staff at Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa will not only provide a specific surgery plan for you, but they will be there throughout your recovery as well.

*Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.