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Liposuction Results are Gratifying to Patients

Liposuction Results are Gratifying to Patients

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Body Procedure, Liposuction 21 Sep 2013

Liposuction Tampa Bay Area, ClearwaterLiposuction Can Help Regain Self-Confidence and Self Esteem

Of all the body procedures Dr. George Solomon performs at Solomon Cosmetic Center located in the Tampa Bay Area, liposuction is the one that brings the most satisfaction to his patients. He receives a tremendous sense of fulfillment when he can look at a patient after surgery and see such happiness in that patient’s eyes. That’s one of the main reasons Dr. Solomon began practicing cosmetic surgery. Liposuction can give back the self confidence and self esteem that the person once had.

A report published in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery found that 80 percent of patients who had had liposuction surgery were pleased with their results and 79.7 percent would have the procedure again. Dr. Solomon feels an even higher percent of his patients are very satisfied with their results and many go on the improve other parts of their body. He finds that his liposuction patients are the best referrals he has for bringing him new patients.

Dr. Solomon does emphasize to his patients that just because he has re-shaped their body, they must realize that they can gain weight and remaining fat cells can become larger. While the areas treated are not likely to regain fatty fullness, as many fat cells were removed during the surgery, the fat  would proportionally go back to the operated areas less than other areas because there are fewer fat cells there.  If weight gain occurs, the fat can be stored  in areas that have not been liposuction-ed. He recommends to his patients that they need to do their part in maintaining their new body image by incorporating a  regular exercise routine and by not overeating.