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How long does Fat Transfer last?

How long does Fat Transfer last?

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Body Procedure, Facial Fat Transfer, Fat Transfer Body 17 Nov 2015

Fat Transfer can be used to plump areas of the face and body where aging has caused a natural loss of volume. In previous videos, Dr. George Solomon explained how Fat Transfer works. But, how long does it last in comparison to other treatments such as injectable fillers?

Dr. George Solomon explains:
“Whatever fat that we inject, it should last, you know, a long time, a lifetime, because this is your own, it’s like a graft…it’s like taking a skin graft and putting it in a different area. However, a certain percentage of that fat will get absorbed by the body. So, not 100% of the fat that we inject is going to stay. Some of it will stay and some of it will die. It’s not only just the fat cells, but you got some growth factors, you got some stem cells, and some vascular cells, and so all of these different things contribute to the plumpiness of the buttocks and the reshaping of the buttocks. And whatever is staying is the one that will eventually keep growing. However, because of the aging process, we, every day we lose elasticity, we lose with the gravity, we lose some fat, we lose, you know the skin ages, etc. So, it lasts a long time.”

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