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Fat Transfer to the Breast

Fat Transfer to the Breast

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Breast, Fat Transfer Body 21 Feb 2017

Dr. Solomon describes Fat Transfer to the Breast, a way to add volume without implants for a natural look.

“There are some women who do not like the feel of breast implants, or they are afraid that if they get a breast implant they may have some side effects or some future problems. So, what is the solution for those? We are able to take some fat, again through liposuction, harvest the fat, and then re-inject that fat into the breast. If you are a size A and you want to go from size A to size D, that’s not the procedure for you. But, if you are looking for only one size, natural feel, then that can help you out. So, it’s the same process as Buttock Fat Transfer or Face, we harvest the fat, and then process it, and re-inject it into the breast at certain levels, until we get you the control that you like. There is no incision, basically it’s just a small adit that we make in the crease, and that’s how we inject the fat into the breast. This fat, you’re going to still lose some. After six months or a year you can do another process and you can inject a little bit more fat into the breast.”

Dr. Solomon is an expert in Fat Transfer procedures, and uses his skill and artistry to add natural looking volume back into the breast. He performs Fat Transfer procedures in his own JACHO accredited facility in Palm Harbor, FL, located near Clearwater and St. Petersburg, FL.