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Fat Transfer


What is Fat Transfer?

At Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, a fat transfer process is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which fat is removed from one area of your body such as the stomach or buttocks and then injecting that fat into the face to reduce the appearance of aging. Fat transfer can be used to plump the lips, cheeks, chin, and bags under the eyes as well as fill depressed scars or lessen lines from aging. It even helps to increase blood circulation by transferring a small concentration of stem cells. When performed properly, a large percentage of the injected fat cells will survive.

How does fat transfer work?

Fat transfer Tampa, Clearwater, Palm harborFat from one area of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, or stomach is extracted using a liposuction cannula. The fat cells are then treated or spun in a centrifuge to remove damaged cells or other fluid. This process prepares the fat for reintroduction into the body.  The most common donor areas, where fat is taken from, are the stomach, thighs, and waist. The healthy, concentrated fat cells are then injected in the area of your face that you wish to plump, fill, or rejuvenate such as lips, and nasolabial folds. Fat transfer can also be used for breast augmentation.fat transfer breast Tampa

When will I see results from fat transfer?

Results of the procedure may not be visible immediately due to swelling and bruising in the treated areas. Full results may not be seen until two months after the procedure.

How long does fat transfer last?

After a fat transfer, some of the injected fat cells will be absorbed by your body. However, some of the fat cells remain although those cells will still continue to age with your face from that point forward.

Recovering from a fat transfer treatment?

You will experience some tightness in your face as well as soreness, pain, swelling and bruising where the fat was injected and also where the fat was removed. Full recovery can take up to one month. Dr. George Solomon will create a specific plan for recovery from a fat transfer procedure.

*Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.