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Fat Banks | Storing Fat For The Future

Fat Banks | Storing Fat For The Future

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Facial Fat Transfer, Fat Transfer Body 08 Nov 2016

Can you harvest your fat during Fat Transfer and then save it for later use? Dr. Solomon answers.

“There are some fat banks, where we can harvest the fat, and then we can send it to these fat banks where they can store the fat for you and you have to pay an annual fee to store that fat. However, there are not too many fat banks that are out there, and the cost is probably prohibitive. I mean, it’s about 3-4000 dollars a year to do that. If you don’t have a lot of fat, and whatever fat you take you want to harvest and get it stored, then maybe it is worth it for you.

The other thing, too, is we don’t know 10 years from now how valuable this fat is. With the advance in researches in stem cells, and stem cell therapy, this can be huge in the future because not only the stem cells that we get from the fat, which is the richest source of stem cells in the body, but right now we’re using these stem cells to cure diseases. In certain things, it works. It’s not 100%, and it’s not reliable, like 100% of the patients, however there’s a lot of research being done in stem cells where we can inject it to cure somebody that had a heart attack, or Parkinson’s, or dementia, etc. etc.”

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