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Facial Fat Transfer vs. Facelift

Facial Fat Transfer vs. Facelift

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Facial Fat Transfer 28 Apr 2016

Dr. Solomon explains why the rate of Face-lifting has probably decreased since the rise of Facial Fat Transfer:
I have been doing fat transfer to the face for the last, I would say probably 10 years. It did not gain a lot of acceptance until the last, maybe 4 or 5 years. But, the fat transfer to the face is really a unique procedure. And it’s probably affected the rate of facelifting. Nowadays there are a lot of patients that do not want cutting, they don’t want the scars; because the scars kind of like, give it away, “Ok, you had a face lift?” You know, people can see the scars, sometimes. With fat transfer, what we do is we evaluate the face, look at the area where there is volume loss, and basically we inject it with certain technique and add it to the entire face: the nasolabial folds, in the cheeks, eyebrows, under the eyes, even in the lips, which really rejuvenates the whole face. It is the ultimate nonsurgical facelift.

Facial fat transfer is a procedure that utilizes a patient’s own fat to restore volume to desired areas of the body such as the buttocks or face. During the procedure, the patient’s fat is removed using liposuction, and then re-injected back into the face. Because it utilizes a patient’s’ own fat, fat transfer gives natural looking results and adds youthful contour to the face.

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