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What is a Face-lift?

At Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, we believe that a face-lift is the truest form of anti-aging procedure. By tightening the skin and the underlying tissues of the face, the signs of aging can be erased. The results can be long-lasting and the goal is to give you a natural, more refreshed look. Dr. Solomon performs face-lifts through small incisions hidden behind the ears and these procedures are often combined with facial liposuction, a neck lift, and a brow lift for a full facial rejuvenation.

Am I a candidate for a face-lift?

If you are dissatisfied with the visible signs of aging in your face and neck, then you are a candidate for a face-lift. Face[lifts can make you look younger by correcting signs of aging such as deep creases around the mouth or eyelids, loose skin or excess fat creating a double chin, loss of muscle causing jowls, or sagging cheeks.

What to expect during a face-lift?

Your face-lift will be performed by making small incisions hidden behind the ears and then lifting and tightening the deeper layers of the face by manipulating the skin. Any excess skin is either excised, removed, or re-positioned.

What is the recovery time for a face-lift?

Recovery time can vary greatly between individual patients. You will experience swelling, puffiness, and discoloration around the facial area with some swelling possibly persisting for several weeks. You will also most likely experience numbness near the incision and other areas around the face. Patients are asked to avoid taking aspirin, using non steroidal anti-inflammatories, smoking, or any lifting, straining, or bending that could cause facial strain. By using an ice pack intermittently and keeping your head elevated, swelling may be reduced more quickly. Dr. Solomon and the staff at Solomon Cosmetic Center will provide a tailored surgery plan and dedicated attention as you recover from the procedure.

Mini Face-lift

Many times during a face-lift consultation, Dr. Solomon will tell the patient that he/she doesn’t really need a full face-lift. Instead, he will recommend a mini face-lift. A good candidate for a mini face-lift is someone between 40 and 55, with early signs of aging. The benefits of a mini face-lift are a quicker recovery time and about half the cost of a full face-lift. The mini face-lift concentrates on the lower third of the face and includes the neck and jowls.

*Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.