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Chin Enhancement


What is a Chin Enhancement?

At Solomon Cosmetic Center in Tampa, a chin enhancement procedure can give your chin more definition, making your face look more balanced and your chin like it fits your face.

Am I a candidate for a chin augmentation?

chin augmentation Tampa

Chin augmentation may be right for you if you have a recessed chin that looks out of proportion to the size of your nose.

Chin augmentation may be right for you if you have a recessed chin that looks out of proportion to the size of your nose also known as a weak chin. Ideal candidates also have normal function of their teeth and jaw. A good candidate should also be in good health and have realistic expectations.

What to expect during a chin enhancement?

Chin enhancement cosmetic surgery procedures using implants take just thirty minutes to an hour to complete on average. They are commonly performed with local anesthesia and sedation, though general anesthesia may also be an option. Dr. Solomon will begin by making an incision in the line under the chin. Then, he will carefully stretch the tissue in the area to make room for the chin implant. An implant of the appropriate size and shape is then inserted through the incision and placed over the jawbone. This procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete. Incisions can be located on the inside of the lower lip or on the skin just beneath the chin.

Recovery for a chin enhancement?

Some bruising and swelling may occur after chin enhancement, and you may experience some difficulty with facial movements like talking and smiling. Restrictions may need to be placed on your diet. Discomfort can occur during the first few days. Dr. Solomon recommends using over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol, Aleve, or Advil to help control pain. Most patients find that they are well enough to return to work about one week after their chin enhancement procedure. Chin enhancement procedures using fat transplantation or filler injections are typically less invasive and involve minimal recovery.

How Long Do Chin Implants Last?

The good news is that chin implants typically last forever. However, if the implants were made from fat or bone tissue taken from your body, they can sometimes be reabsorbed. You will experience swelling for a while, so you may not see the final results of the procedure for three to four months.

*Each patient is unique; therefore, results of treatment may vary.