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Are needles used during Fat Transfer?

Are needles used during Fat Transfer?

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Facial Fat Transfer, Fat Transfer Body, Fat Transfer Body, Fat Transfer Body, Liposuction 21 Jul 2016

While needles are used to administer Botox and other injectables, Dr. Solomon explains what is used to inject the fat during fat transfer:

“When we do the fat transfer to the face, we use one special cannula to harvest the fat, and then we use special cannula to re-inject the fat. And, what is a cannula? A cannula is similar to a needle. The only difference- the needle has a sharp tip. The cannula has a round tip. So, it’s guaranteed that when you re-inject that fat you’re not injuring any blood vessels. You’re not injecting anything that can migrate into your circulation, and cause any trouble. So, it’s, and it’s also probably less, much less bruising than if you use a needle. So, yes, we do use a certain cannula to re-inject the fat into the face or the buttocks or anything else.”

Fat Transfer is a procedure that utilizes a patient’s own fat by transferring it from one area of the body to another area that needs added volume, such as the face or buttocks. Using a cannula provides Dr. Solomon the ability to perform fat transfer safely, without much bruising to the treated area. This also means less down time for the patient. Dr. Solomon performs fat transfer in his own surgical suite at Solomon Cosmetic Center located in Palm Harbor, FL. This a convenient drive for anyone living in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, and largo. Call and schedule an appointment today to find out if Fat Transfer to the Face could be right for you.