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Why choose Dr. George Solomon?

Why choose Dr. George Solomon?

Posted by Solomon Cosmetic Center in Botox and Fillers, Liposuction, Skin Care 04 May 2017

Dr. Solomon talks about his background and experience in the field of Cosmetic surgery and what sets him apart from other physicians.

“So a cosmetic surgeon, by definition, is a physician, or a surgeon who wants to do cosmetic surgery, and dedicate 100% of his time to cosmetic surgery. Our practice is dedicated 110% to cosmetic surgery. We do not do anything else but cosmetic surgery. I started my career in cosmetic surgery back in about 2000/ 2001. It was the beginning of the approval of Botox by the FDA. It was also the evolution of liposuction. In the 2000s, that’s when it started to boom and it started having multiple modalities to do the liposuction. And that’s when I went and started training with Dr. Giorgio Fischer from Italy, Dr. Pierre Fournier from France, these are the pioneers and the inventors of liposuction. Following that I figured if there’s a lot of laser machines out there that we are going to help people with, whether it’s a laser resurfacing or laser hair removal, or IPL, then you really have to have a solid understanding of all the diseases of the skin. And that necessitated to do Dermatology, which I did as well. Then after that I did a fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine and Regenerative Medicine, which included the technology of stem cells. And then after that I did a Master Degree in actually cosmetic surgery. I did a whole 1 year extra with a plastic surgeon in his office, where we did a lot of variety of procedures as well. And, since then, I have a huge passion for cosmetic surgery, I love it, I live with it every day, I think of it every day. I love doing what I do.”

Dr. Solomon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon located in Palm Harbor, FL, near Clearwater and St. Petersburg, FL.